Workshops with Josh Brill

Nada Yoga - The Yoga of Sound

Nada Yoga is the exploration of uniting our own sounds and vibrations to the ultimate sound that is the current of life, or shakti (universal energy).  Through our journey with Nada Yoga we are able to better connect with our center and experience our life as the music that it is.

Josh Brill is a leading presenter of workshops on Nada Yoga. These Nada Yoga presentations consist of an exploration into the nature of vibration, the laws of harmony that govern the universe, the vibratory system that is our own being, and the principles by which we can align and tune our own unique vibrations to the underlying harmony that exists throughout the universe.

Josh's dynamic workshops on Nada Yoga are a balanced mix of the experiential and philosophical.  As a participant in a Nada Yoga workshop with Josh Brill, you will go on an enlightening journey from finding your root sound, connecting with your inner tempo, and exploring the liberating nature of mantra and music.

Josh Brill has taught Nada Yoga workshops and teacher training modules all across the world including: Prana Flow Teacher Training with Shiva Rea, Heart of Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Whitwell,  Jivani Yoga Teacher Training with Emma Warmington, Goda Yoga Teacher Training with Kate Duyn, Shaiva Yoga with Christopher Tompkins, and many more. 

In a Nada Yoga workshop with Josh Brill, one can expect to learn and experience:

  • Mantra as a Science of Universal Alignment
  • Music and Sound as our direct link to Sacred Vibration
  • The link between Breath, Vibration, and Harmony
  • Proper Sanskrit pronunciation and physical placement of Mantra
  • Tools to increase awareness, attention, and consciousness
  • Tantric practices to open the Heart Chakra and to activate the spiral of Kundalini
  • Establishing Balance through practices of Toning, Music, and Rhythm
  • Expanding Attention and Awareness through music
  • Opening the Third Ear
  • Mantra and chanting
  • Establishing and deepening our inner sense of rhythm
  • Establishing and deepening our inner sense of pitch
  • Musical notes of the Chakras
  • Toning personal frequencies
  • Shifting our energy fields and consciousness through music
  • Developing divided awareness
  • Active listening

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The sacred science of music has long been known to have miracle-like healing effects on people. The ancient cultures of the Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, Hebrews, and Sufis understood the inner workings of sound and vibration and how they affect our physical and spiritual beings.  

Generally referred to as “Music of the Spheres,” this understanding creates the link between our inner personal world and the outer physical world. It is the bridge between the subtle and gross levels of energy.

In Josh Brill's workshops, he offers the history and understanding that the ancients had of this sacred wisdom and the methods and techniques they used. He also explains how the music we listen to affects us and how much of the music we hear today has lost or hidden its “power.”  Josh guides students to tune into their our own inner music, how to express and tune into the outer music of the spheres, and illuminates the relationship between sacred geometry and sound/vibration.


The Yoga of Guitar

The Yoga of Guitar is a hands-on method for exploring music as a way to deepen inner harmony, create more ease, peace, and balance in your life using the guitar as the tool, your being as the instrument, and yoga philosophy as the means.

Yoga means “to unite” or “to harmonize.”  The Yoga of Guitar applies the yogic principles of inner presence and balance as a way to develop the relationship between your self, music, and the guitar.

From the beginner to the advanced student, both musicians and non-musicians will find that this method offers a holistic guitar practice that is useful for anyone who is interested in playing the guitar in a new, fun, and meditative way. Using yogic principles and philosophy merged with the universal laws of harmony and Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound), the Yoga of Guitar offers the practitioner an accessible, intuitive, and creative approach to tune in to the subtle energy and relationship between the guitar, music, and oneself.