Nada Yoga - The Yoga of Sound

Nada, the Sanskrit word for sound, is the yogic understanding that vibration or sound is the foundation and guiding principle of reality and existence.

Nada Yoga is the exploration of uniting or harmonizing our own sounds and vibrations to the ultimate sound that is the current of life, or shakti (universal energy).

Josh Brill is an accomplished expert on the science of Nada Yoga, offering workshops and instruction in this esoteric field.

Josh Brill's workshops on Nada Yoga consist of an exploration into the nature of vibration, the laws of harmony that govern the universe, the vibratory system that is our own being, and the principles by which we can align and tune our own unique vibrations to the underlying harmony that exists throughout the universe.

Nada Yoga  (Metaphysics of Sound and Music)

The word ‘Yoga’ can be read both as a state and as a process.  As it is written, Nada Yoga can be defined as the balanced or harmonized state of Nada, the sound current.  Where as Yoga Nada would be the process of using the sound current to establish a state of harmony, balance, and unity.  According to Christopher Wallis "Yoga as process means joining oneself firmly to a spiritual discipline, the central element of which is the gentle entrainment of all the energies of the body, mind, and senses: bringing them to a single point of tranquil focus."

For our understanding we can approach Nada Yoga as the metaphysics of Sound or Nada, the singular universal sound current.  In contrast to the mysticism of Nada Brahma,  Nada Yoga is our understanding of the physical qualities of Nada, and how we may experience and participate in the universal sound as an action of inner alignment of our energetic system governed through our singular and divided awareness of consciousness.  

Yoga, the union, the harmony, the state of Nada (sound current/vibration) is our aim.  With this as an aim, how do we get there?  We get there with our recognition of the harmony of our inner and outer workings which are part of the universal vibratory system itself.  In our recognition of vibration and the fractal manifestations of the universal sound, we can attune to this Yoga of Nada using our volitional attention engaged.  Recognizing our system of vibrations, we cultivate the energy using specific alignments that correspond to how the universe comes into resonance with harmony.  With the energy cultivated, we move it up and down to engage with our own center of our unstruck sound, our inner silence.  

When we begin to explore the principles of resonance, vibration, sound, and motion we begin to understand the universe as a dynamic system of polarity; shiva/shakti. The back and forth vibration, like a guitar string creates the involution and evolution of consciousness: spanda. We exist at the connection point of the external infinity that we are a part of and the internal infinity that we have within. By becoming fluid with the interchange of the out and in with our breath, body, and mind, we begin to harmonize with the true fluid nature of existence. This allows for the natural flow of energy or prana to become infinity abundant and accessible.

When we harmonize with harmony, we experience the unity consciousness that is our divine birthright.

Our aim in the practice of Nada Yoga is to call in and align to the sacred technology of harmonized and shaped vibration of prana.  By accepting that there is an objective reality to the universe and that we are a micro cosmos of that reality, we can begin to align to the nature and motion of shakti into pure consciousness.