Where Does Time Go

So perhaps I'm not the only to have this thought right about this phase of year:
"Where does time go?"
I mean, really...where does time actually go?
A moment is here, then gone only to be replaced by a new moment and the cycle continues.  Then before we know it, it's been a year and the stream of time continues and so do we.

One of my big curiosities in life is our perception of time and how music and even more specifically, how a mindfulness music practice can alter our perception of time.

We often hear the phrase 'be in the moment,' but what does that really mean and perhaps even more important, how do we actually stay in the moment?

I'm reminded by something I heard while on a course with Robert Fripp, who said on the topic:
"The present moment is a moment of presence."

So then the question becomes, 'how do we become present?'

What I've found is that there is a special magic that happens when we tune ourselves into the present moment with music.  We become aware of our body, of our emotional/feeling center, and our mind all on the specific action of playing a note.  In a sense, when we are aligned fully with the note we play, we become the note.

My experience is in that state of presence, time slows down...stretches...kinda like 'matrix time' when Neo is dodging bullets because his relative time is slower in comparison to normal perception.

So while a common denominator of humanity is 24 hours per day, 365 days per year....we do have the ability to 'scale time' to the extent that we are present through the moment.  Presence can bring our perception more in a state of continuum, of flow.  Musical practice basically builds our inner architecture of time perception, allowing us to have a more malleable experience with the time stream. 

In other words, it gives us direct access to the ability to slow down our perception. 

Now, this may seem like a contradiction as a 'slower perception' seems disadvantageous at first glance. 

However, what we are really doing in slowing down is expanding our bandwidth of perception.  In slowing down our inner time, we are elongating our experience, thus having a longer experience of the present moment.

The practice of this is a big foundation of what I work with people in
private skype sessions as well as within The Yoga of Guitar Online Course. 

I feel that learning the skill to 'scale internal time' through presence and music is truly a medicine of the current human condition which is being swept into an ever increasing tempo of modernity.

If you would like to book a free 1-on-1 skype coaching session to explore the above topics through music and mindfulness, please feel free to respond and we will set up a time. 
This can be either with an instrument or not.  The work can be applied in many different ways.

As always, I'm available to further support your journey of music and mindfulness. 

Wishing you a beautiful and expanded present moment.


A Simple Meditation on Tuning In to Gratitude


So here we are, the holidays are knocking on the door of our present moment with a crescendo of urgency.  It can be ironic how a time of celebration and connection can bring a wave of stress and pressure on so many lives.

If we re-frame our lives as music, we gain lots of insight into the song and dance of the seasons as well as our own unique part to play during the 'movements.'

In music we learn that each note, each harmony has a certain feeling...an inner quality that when we hear it, it triggers some emotional response.  Certain note relationships have a harmonious effect on us, calming our nerves and creating relaxation. While others can create dissonance and trigger stress. 

We can simply listen to how different musical scores in movies create a mood.  In a drama and suspense movie, the music will be intense to engage an emotional response.  While in a romantic or touching movie, the music will be more tender and 'touching.'

So what if life is like this...what if our internal emotional states are the music that we play. 

The 'inner note' of anxiety has an effect on our mind and physical body for example.  Consider this as a 'note' tuned sharp.  Depression can be considered as a 'flat note.'  These notes create a certain instability in our music which can have ripple effects in our life. 
Conversely, a different quality of notes reflect a different quality of being. Notes such as: Love, Appreciation, Joy, Gratitude, all create a different inner state...

So how might we tune these notes?
Let's begin with Gratitude:

Take a moment to simply be and sit quietly.
Take at least 3 long slow breaths, as even as possible on both the inhale and exhale.

Notice how slowing down the breath creates a calmer feeling inside, perhaps even more inner sense of space.

As best as you can, place part of your attention in the center of your chest.  Sensing this center as best as you can from the inside out.

Staying present with the sensing, recall a time in your life that you felt gratitude.  If none come to mind, imagine an experience that you would be deeply grateful for.

As you do this, stay present with the feeling.  Gratitude has a certain quality to it which we feel.  Feel it.

Stay present to the note of gratitude and see if you can increase the volume of the sensation.  Perhaps you may need to revisit the internal remembering of gratitude, but do your best to stay present to the feeling rather than lost in the mental story.

While staying present to the sensation of gratitude in the center of your chest, breathe deeply, long and slow into the feeling in your body. 

Beginning at the center of the chest and allowing the breath of gratitude to fill as much of your body as you can. 
As you exhale, allow the feeling of gratitude to radiate outward as a gift to the world.
Repeat this cycle at least 7 times. 

Notice how you feel. Do your best to stay present to this feeling for a minute or so and simply let your consciousness absorb this 'note' deeper and deeper in your body.

We've just 'tuned in to gratitude.'  Practicing this in the morning will have great impact on your day as well as before you go to sleep. 
If you notice yourself in a different 'note,' perhaps while shopping or out in the holiday frenzy, go back to this exercise.  Perhaps your in a long line at a store and feeling anxious or impatient....use this in that moment and notice the change.

Music is life and perhaps more importantly, Life is Music.  We can tune our instrument, practice our craft, and allow the art of who we are to sing out into the world.  Thus our life becomes our song and hopefully makes all of our interactions a little more harmonious in the day to day..

It is with a deep resounding moment of gratitude that I thank you for reading this and hope it helps in any way
Wishing you all the best

Yoga of Guitar with Josh Brill Update #1

Yoga of Guitar online course is getting ready to launch

Yoga of Guitar online course is getting ready to launch

Yoga of Guitar Online Course Update #1

Namaste Yoga of Guitar Yogis!!!

I just wanted to chime in briefly and let you know that the Yoga of Guitar Online Course is coming along amazingly.  I've just shot over 6 weeks of classes!! Each week of the Yoga of Guitar Online Course will cover different guitar and yoga concepts and themes, while using meditations centered around your connection and awareness based in the Yoga of Guitar philosophy.

I am so so so excited to share with you the whole Yoga of Guitar Course!! In the meantime, I'm currently pulling together some free lessons and meditations so that you can get a good feel for how deep and effective it is to learn the guitar as a yoga practice. 

Please visit
www.YogaofGuitar.com  for more information and to sign up to receive free yoga of guitar lessons!!

Until then, I will get back to editing and getting this Yoga of Guitar Online Course ONLINE!!!!
Much love

-Josh Brill


Yoga of Guitar 6 Week Online Course editing!!!

Yoga of Guitar 6 Week Online Course editing!!!